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IED materials found in  twin cinema blasts
Wednesday 18th of September 2013

DAVAO CITY, Sept 18 (PIA) The police confirmed the blasts that rocked inside two movie theatres inside the malls along Quimpo Boulevard and JP Laurel Avenue, respectively Monday were caused by improvised explosive devices.

Senior Superintendent Ronald de la Rosa, director of the Davao City Police Office revealed based on the post blast investigation and the chemical analysis report of the Scene of the Crime Operation on the two incident areas, the perpetrators made use of improvised explosive devices in carrying the explosions.

He said IED components like a nine-volt battery as power source, a cellular phone used as triggering device, blasting cap and explosive fillers composed of RDX and PEPN, and a beverage tin can which served as canister were reconfigured by the investigators in the two crime scenes.

De la Rosa said the investigators also surmised that the IEDs were concealed in a paper pouch when carried inside the cinemas by the perpetrators.

“It could be misconstrued by the guard as a mere snack during inspection,” he said.

De la Rosa also said there were no shrapnel or fragments recovered in the areas of explosion that could kill anyone.

He said the IEDs were designed merely to scare.

De la Rosa reiterated that anyone near the point of explosion would get killed because of the strong impact of the blasts.

He said the probe is now focused on the closed-circuit-television camera footages lifted from the mall cinemas prior to the incident.

“The investigation is going well.  We are glad that many establishments in the city have CCTV cameras,” De la Rosa said.

He approved the full implementation of the CCTV camera ordinance which helps authorities find clue on the identities of the perpetrators, after the commission of a crime.

De la Rosa appealed to the residents to go on with their lives and not to allow themselves to be cowed by terror.

“Let us do our normal activities, be vigilant and calm.  We will not allow terrorists to win by making us scared.  Let us watch each other’s back,” he said. 

De la Rosa reiterated his call to report to authorities suspicious looking persons and unattended baggage in public places.  (RGA/JSD/PIA-XI)

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 Oath taking of new public officials
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Launching of Ligtas sa Tigdas at Polio Mass Immunization Campaign
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