• 01 July 2016
MANILA, July 1 – The Department of Foreign Affairs issued a statement regarding the announcement on July 12 issuance of Arbitration Case ruling.The Permanent Court of Arbitration has announced on 29 June 2016 that the Tribunal will issue its final Award on the arbitration between the Republic of the Philippines and the People’s Republic of China on Tuesday, 12 July 2016.The Department of Foreign Affairs said that “The arbitration proceedings commenced on 22 January 2013 when the Philippines filed a Notification and Statement of Claim “with respect to the dispute with China over the maritime jurisdiction of the Philippines on the West Philippine Sea” pursuant to Articles 286 and 287 of the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) and in accordance with Article 1 of Annex VII of the said Convention. The Philippines invited China to participate in the proceedings.” The DFA statement added that “Following the constitution of the Arbitral Tribunal and the adoption of the Rules of Procedures, the Philippines submitted a Memorial on 20 March 2014. China was requested by the Tribunal to submit a counter-memorial, but it rejected this request. However, on ...Read more

Philippines sees Germany as model in shift to renewable energy

 CENTRAL  01 July 2016
MANILA, July 1 - Climate Change Commission (CCC) Secretary Emmanuel De Guzman said the Philippines can draw an inspiration from Germany in energy efficiency and use of renewable energy, as the country looks for alternative sources of electricity to create climate-resilient communities.De Guzman, alo ...Read more

DFA statement on the Terrorist Attack on Istanbul Ataturk Airport

 CENTRAL  01 July 2016
MANILA, July 1 – The Department of Foreign Affairs said the Philippines condemns the latest attack at Istanbul airport which claimed the lives of at least 42 innocent people and injured close to 150, and stands with Turkey in the global fight against terrorism. In the same statement, DFA said “ ...Read more