• 27 May 2015
MANILA - The Bangsamoro Basic Law gives due recognition to the Sultanates and royal houses. Bai Marieta Nor-aisha Mindalano Adam of the Maharadjah Tabunaway Descendants Council of the Philippines, one of the resource persons present at the Senate committee hearing on the draft BBL said last Monday, May 25. In the position paper she presented at the hearing, Adam cited Article IX Sec. 19 of the original draft of the BBL, which deals with the preservation of Bangsamoro cultural heritage, saying that “this is a commendable provision in the BBL which gives recognition on the existence of Sultanates and Royal Houses in the proposed Bangsamoro.” “There are other related provisions in the BBL which are substantially related to the historical and cultural…recognition of the existence of the Sultanates and Royal Houses, including indigenous peoples in the Bangsamoro,” Adam added. Article IX Sec. 19 of the original draft provides for the creation of a Bangsamoro Commission “to preserve the history, culture, arts, tradition and the rich cultural heritage of the Sultanates, such as the Sultanates of Sulu, Maguindanao, and Buayan, and the Royal Houses of the Maranaos and the ...Read more

Lower prices of oil, raw materials reduce imports in March 2015

 CENTRAL  27 May 2015
MANILA. May 27 – Merchandise imports  decreased  by 6.8 percent in March 2015 as lower payments primarily for mineral fuels, lubricants, and raw materials were recorded in the period, according to the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA). According to a report from the Philippine ...Read more

House Committee on Ways and Means approves Bangsamoro bill

 CENTRAL  27 May 2015
MANILA-- The House of Representatives Committee on Ways and Means approved with amendments provisions in the proposed Basic Law for the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region specific to taxation and wealth-sharing, the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process said in a statement. The committe ...Read more