The International Women's Peace Group hosts a seminar for BAN FGM

  • March 21, 2017

MANILA, March 21 -- In commemoration of International Women’s Day, the Philippines Branch of the IWPG (IWPG, Ms. Nam Hee Kim, the chairwoman of the IWPG) hosted a seminar titled ‘Female Genital Mutilation Awareness Seminar’ at Quezon City Museum in Manila, Philippines on March 11th. 

FGM, the main topic of this seminar, is not used for a medical treatment but is known as female circumcision under a pretense of a coming of age ceremony in which female genital is cut or sutured after its wound. The World Health Organization (WHO) says that about 9,800 women undergo this ritual removal every day.

The IWPG has been working to improve such a situation with the slogan of BAN FGM. Because over 70% of the children who have experienced the ritual removal are dead as well as are going through a violation of women’s human rights. In order to make women in Manila recognize FGM correctly and prevent the violation of women’s human rights, the Philippines Brach of IWPG also held a seminar and a walk festival. As the result of its efforts, 40 people participated in these events to work together with the Philippines Branch of IWPG for BAN FGM.

Ms. Janice Manipon , the curator of Manuel Quezon Museum, who delivered the opening speech of Female Genital Mutilation Awareness Seminar said to women in manila attending the seminar from the bottom of her heart that FGM had been no positive effect, at the same time, on the contrary, it caused death to women. In addition, the objective of this event is to let know to the Filipino women about these occurring situation of women in different parts of the world, and today we knew that even in the Philippines, at Basilan has this kind of practice called FGM.

The IWPG is working with 200  branches around the globe and 100 affiliated groups  to ensure peace and security of all women around the world. Currently, the IWPG has been holding seminars, conferences, walk festivals and campaigns to eradicate FGM. It is planning to conduct constant activities for human rights such as various educations about the risk of FGM and the importance of women's rights. (IWPG)

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