• 21 January 2017
    QUEZON CITY, Jan. 21 - For the first time in history, the Philippines is ready to export corn to neighbouring countries in the region as corn harvests this year will breach the 5.6-million tons domestic requirement. Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Piñol said that based on the report of Assistant Secretary Federico Laciste, National Corn Program coordinator, the Philippines’ yellow and white corn harvest for 2017 is expected to hit 8.1-million metric tons in spite of the series of natural calamities which hit the country recently, including the 7-month El Niño. The production of cassava, which is lumped with corn in the animal feeds category, is seen to reach 570,000 metric tons, contributing further in stabilizing the corn and animal feeds supply in the Philippines, Piñol added. Thus, Piñol will ask President Rodrigo Duterte during the Cabinet meeting on Monday to direct the National Food Authority (NFA) to amend its rules prohibiting the export of corn until the country doubles its corn production to 200%. Laciste called the NFA rule regulating the export of corn (and rice) “unfair” and “unjust” to the Filipino farmers because the entry o ...Read more

Successful issuance of 25-year ROP bonds underscores investor confidence in Duterte leadership

 CENTRAL  21 January 2017
MANILA, Jan. 21 - The highly successful outcome of the Philippines’ $2 billion global bond sale this week underscores the continuing investor confidence in the  leadership of President Duterte and his resolve to  carry out sweeping reforms to realize his administration’s agenda for high and i ...Read more

Feature: Increased funding for Tertiary Education and Technical-Vocational Education to benefit more Filipino students

 CENTRAL  21 January 2017
MANILA, Jan. 21 - The Philippine government recognizes that tertiary education is an important component of human development. It shapes and equips individuals with high-level skills and knowledge that are crucial to national welfare. This is where many professional individuals are trained – profe ...Read more